Many millions of workers are required to work at height in their day-to-day jobs. Whilst there is a huge variety of workers, and types of work, what they all ultimately want is a safe and stable platform to work on to get the job done.

Working at height is inherently dangerous but is unfortunately a necessary evil in so many industries. Where possible, the astute Operator avoids it by arranging the work to be done at ground level. If this can’t be done, they minimize Height Work as much as possible. However, even if it has been minimized, any work at height still carries risk. That’s when the Operators choice of equipment is so important and directly impacts the effectiveness of his strategy to minimize the risk.

With every choice, the Operator also has to weigh up the efficiency of his solution, and the cost. The right safety equipment should both reduce the risk of injury and increase productivity. Traditionally, ladders and scaffolding have been the go-to method, providing relatively cheap and readily available height access. However, these methods can be very dangerous and costly if not used properly, and therefore require a lot of training, overseeing and management. One slip up, or shortcut taken can spell disaster.

Adjustable Height Platforms (AHP) are a relatively new method available to the market. They remove a great deal of the risks presented by traditional Scaffold and Ladders, provide very stable and solid work decks, and also some flexibility through their ability to provide various height deck options from the single piece work platform Unit. Equiptec is a pioneer of the most versatile, safe and reliable AHP on the market. It can be used for both working at height and high-level access. It offers ergonomic, tough, solid grounding for those working at height, giving absolute confidence that results in great efficiencies.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you with your specific needs. Equiptec’s greatest motivation is to provide maintenance teams around the world with the worlds best platform system so they can work comfortably, get the job done faster and, above all, get home safe at the end of the day.

With Equiptec AHP’s you “own the high ground!”

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