You’ve got a job to be done and it’s in a high and awkward spot. And then there is another to follow that’s just as bad, but even higher…sound familiar?

Obviously, your biggest concern is that it is done safely.  There is a plethora of alternatives that will achieve that.

Your next concern is that it’s done efficiently, without any wasted time…because wasted time just comes straight off the bottom line.  That can be a play-off with Safety, but it doesn’t need to be and definitely should not be.  That narrows down the options quite a bit.

And you also don’t need injuries from work done in an awkward position. So it would be helpful if the Platform could adjust close to the exact right height.

There are just a handful of options left…including some that rely on you using a Harness and Fall Arrest kit.  That is essential for some access methods, but it knocks the efficiency back as the user needs to be trained, the Kit has to be certified and inspected, it’s slow to put on/off, and hampers the user’s movements during the job.  You also need to have a full rescue system available in case the Fall Arrest was actually used. It would be sooo good if it wasn’t needed?

Thankfully…Equiptec’s Adjustable Height Platforms (AHP) tick all the above boxes, and a lot more!  Not the least is user satisfaction.  It’s great to know that your Employees love working for you because you provide them the best…that’s safe, efficient, and real easy for them to use.

Equiptec takes pride in meeting global compliance requirements for workplaces big and small.

The safe use of AHP minimizes risks involved with traditional ladders and scaffolding platforms.  Our AHP are innovative, advanced, and ensure absolute confidence for all users.  The functionality and longevity of Equiptec’s product range ensure consistency and long-term convenience.

Equiptec AHP are leaders in practical and versatile workplace safety solutions as it reaches multiple different height jobs, and can include long cantilevers, special barriers, different shaped decks, etc all with the one piece of kit, within the same base footprint, and with easy and full access to ground level at all times for the users.

Equiptec’s AHP product units are used for a huge range of applications in many different industries and places around the globe.  With the adjustment capability, we aim to create solid and compliant platforms even in challenging situations at the critical height that creates the right ergonomic position for the workers to perform their tasks.  In most cases, we can remove the need to use fall protection equipment, which is an enormous saving in time and administration, as well as a big comfort and efficiency improvement for the workers on the job.  Almost without exception, workers respond to the improved conditions by giving their absolute best, and some of the resulting efficiencies have been truly amazing.

Our main goal is to create safer working environments at the same time as making processes more cost effective.  So, everyone wins!

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