Decades of Focus

Equiptec’s mission is to give maintenance teams around the globe the world’s best platform system so they can work comfortably, get the job done faster and, above all, get home safe at the end of each and every work day.

Kicking off way back in 1994, from a rather cramped and (very) low stud shed in Caversham, Dunedin — with a shared office at a friend’s place over the hill, 3.3km away — Equiptec has built strong foundations as a global company on a single-minded and relentless pursuit to solve our customers’ challenges. Fostering an intense culture of innovation, we now draw on a nearly three decade heritage of hands on experience, ingenuity and industry knowledge.

Our greatest motivation comes from making our customers’ working lives easier and more efficient while getting them safely to the end of their work days. Our most rewarding moments are when we are told by a customer that our innovative products have prevented a potentially catastrophic incident. This motivation is what keeps building Equiptec’s uniquely engineered, world-class products.

Global Reach

As we have grown, Equiptec has remained at the forefront of the industry, where technological developments are constantly emerging and discerning buyers are seeking to improve their status quo. Our experience and ability to innovate has been fed and nurtured by the feedback of our valued customers, and potential customers.

It is their intelligent enquiries and suggestions that have helped Equiptec to develop the incredibly versatile adjustable height platform (AHP) products for customers all over the globe.

Our Foundational Values

Since 1994, Equiptec has been led by the same guiding principles that govern everything we do today: our values.

Customer first

More than a hollow saying, for us it means that every job has to result in a delighted customer that would willingly vouch for Equiptec.

Constant improvement

With a love for challenging the status quo, we are constantly finding better solutions and more efficiencies for both ourselves and our customers.

No nonsense

If we say it, we do it, without delay.

Result focused

What matters to us is our customers’ end result. We work to find what the best outcome would look like from their perspective. We recognise when we are out of our depth and will draw on the expertise of others if that is the right solution.

Honesty and integrity

We adhere to the highest moral principles and professional standards. If we are wrong, we own it, find a way to correct it, and move forward.

Lifetime support

If there is something you would like help with, we want to know about it! We are always improving our communication channels and are now offering industry-best lifetime warranties on the Equiptec AHP range.

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