This question crops up for Maintenance personnel when they need to work at height.  The following considerations might help put the question into perspective for your situation.

  1. Cost – Fixed Height Platforms are a simple structure, that many suppliers can manufacture, so they would usually be considerably cheaper than an AHP’s (Adjustable Height Platforms).
  2. Adaptability – If you are only accessing one point, at one height, and that is all you will ever be doing, then Fixed Height Platforms will do a great job.  However, the moment you are required to work at different heights for different parts of your job, then apart from the job that is at the height that suits, the Fixed Height Platform fails miserably.  Having Adjustment in height is vital to reaching jobs that vary in height safely and ergonomically…it’s a simple as that.
  3. Safety – Both options should be manufactured to provide safe access, but if your Fixed Height Platform is being used to access heights that are not within the narrow band of height it was designed for, users will have to resort to unsafe practices (like working off the side of the steps or standing on the handrails) to reach their objective.
  4. Storage – Both options take a similar amount of storage.  However, to achieve the same capability in height access, you will need multiple different height Fixed Platforms, which of course multiplies both your investment, and the storage required.
  5. Conclusion – Horses for Courses.  Fixed Height Platforms are likely to be a fraction of the cost of an AHP, but if you work at varying heights, they should not be considered.  AHP will not only increase your safety, but also your efficiency…so invest where you will get your best return!
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