Safely and comfortably allow two workers to complete their tasks side by side with the Hammerhead Deck. With a capacity of 200kg, this deck gives you plenty more room. Having both side gates and individually removable front-facing gates gives efficient, unobstructed access to the work surface on one or both sides.

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Giraffe G20 Accessory Combo

For that vital extra lift, the 1 Step Extension accessory lifts the standard Giraffe G20 up 225mm in height.

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This retrofittable Giraffe height extension accessory gives your standard G20 unit an extra 450mm in height, so you can own the higher ground on those extra large projects too.

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The 4 Step Sub Chassis will grow your standard Giraffe G20 unit an extra 900mm in height, with all the great G20 features retained.

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Reach those really big jobs! Complete with a compliant landing, the 8 Step Sub Chassis gives you the extra height you need when you have really big gear to look after, lifting the standard Giraffe G20 up 1800mm.

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