Ian Twigley, PetfoodNZ

“It only needs one person to operate, so it frees up the other person that used to waste their time holding the ladder. They can go back and do what they should be doing. Since we’ve had the VRS system in our factory we’ve saved quite a bit of time. ”

The comfort of safety

From its Gisborne warehouse, PetfoodNZ manufactures gourmet pet food for companies all around the world. Tired of the hassle and safety concerns of using ladders to fix issues with machines 13 to 16ft off the ground, the company found Equiptec.

After a consultation to determine PetfoodNZ’s exact needs, the VRS Monkey system was recommended and well received on arrival at the factory.

Staff at the factory appreciate the unit’s high rails and stability and are now able to comfortably complete their tasks without the concern of tipping over, like they would on a ladder.

With only one person needed to operate the unit, other staff are freed up to continue their tasks, and PetfoodNZ have noted significant time saved as a result.

“Personally, it makes me feel really good that the staff feel safer now,” said Site Engineer Ian Twigley. “And my boss is really happy, too.”

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