Bill Nimon, Nimon and Sons Ltd, NZ

“The VRS Giraffe system has saved us a lot of training, a lot of time and effort. It’s a simple solution to an expensive, long-term problem. ”

A simple safety solution

In the hands of one family since 1905, Nimon and Sons bus company runs passenger transport services for schools, charter, cruise chips and more. With a fleet of more than 100 vehicles, all with ongoing air conditioning maintenance requirements, the company found themselves in need of a solution to the health and safety issue of attempting repairs on the curved roofs of their buses.

“If you use a ladder to climb up the side of the bus, you need somebody to hold onto the bottom of the ladder. If you slip, it’s a long way to fall,” said Bill Nimon. “We were looking at putting rails on the roof, and we had to do rescue training every 12 months — it was limiting where we could operate within.”

With so many units in their fleet, the company needed to be able to fix their buses quickly and safely.

Equiptec was able to build a VRS Giraffe unit to meet Nimon’s specific needs.

Workshop Foreman Richard Nimon noted how much easier maintenance work is with the VRS Giraffe.

“I don’t have to worry about the guys wandering along the roofs of the buses without harnesses,” he said. “Once you’ve got it set up in place you can just back the bus under the unit and lower it down on the roof fairly quickly.”

“The width and size of the staircase makes it far easier for guys to carry tools to the top rather than trying to lug them up a ladder while still trying to hold on. It makes it a one-person job.”

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