Tim Ross, C & R Developments, New Zealand

“Equiptec’s VRS platforms are especially good for keeping our men safe working at heights and making some of the difficult work easily accessible. ”

Mobile, light, easy to use

Over 20 years, C & R Developments has established itself as one of New Zealand’s leading civil and mining earthmoving contractors.

With most of the company’s heavy maintenance work done in its workshop, the management team found itself needing a safer, easier, and more mobile solution for working at heights, than ladders or scaffolding.

“We found the VRS platforms from Equiptec to be exactly what we needed,” said Safety Coordinator Rick Adams, describing the platforms as mobile, light and easy to use.

Staff feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with the team finding they could work safely from the platforms without any worries at all.


“We’ve purchased three VRS systems — two Monkeys and a Giraffe,” said Director Tim Ross, pleased to now have less equipment like ladders and scaffolding laying around the workshop. “The platforms are really well built and really well designed, and obviously a lot of engineering has gone into making them really easy for our guys to use.”

“We’re really happy with the investment we’ve put into the Equiptec systems,” Ross added. “I’d have no hesitancy in recommending them and their equipment to anyone else.”

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All the best features of the VRS Giraffe can now be experienced in the innovative, next-generation Giraffe G20 adjustable height platform.

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