Glide around the workshop on four wheels with the Go-Base Chassis for the Monkey MX21. For longer distance moves, use the front wheel directional locks for easy guidance. Flick them off again in seconds for close-up manoeuvres if needed. And when you’re set to climb, just standing on the bottom tread simultaneously auto locks all four wheel brakes firmly.

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Monkey MX21 Accessory Combo

The smooth, double-action Hydraulic Kit for the Equiptec Monkey MX21 makes light work of adjusting deck height, even with additional weight kits such as the Extended Cantilever fitted.

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Gain an extra 1 metre in reach height on the Equiptec Monkey MX21 with the 4 Step Sub Chassis extension kit. This retrofittable accessory easily fits with base kits such as the Go-Base and All Terrain options, and the height adjusting rachet is lowered so it remains at a comfortable reach for adjusting platform heights.

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Reach over obstacles to access your work easily. With 1.2m horizontal reach, this ‘bolt on’ extension accessory (including the neatly stowed counterweight system) for the Equiptec Monkey MX21 creates an amazingly long deck that noses right up to that difficult job.

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